Saturday, 19 May 2007

New Ferries for "Setúbal - Troia" link.

Info on Catamaran ferries
Info on Car/Passenger Ferries
Two new car/passenger ferries and two new catamaran passenger ferries for Atlantic Ferries who will operate the Setúbal - Troia link. The vessels are under construction and will arrive later this year to start operations from October 2007. The car/passenger ferries will be able to take 500 passengers and 60 cars each while the two catamaran passenger ferries will take up to 350 passengers each.


JoaoQuaresma said...


Congratulations for your blog. Great photos.

I'm an occasional user of the Troia ferries and that is great news (sadly they aren't built in Portuguese yards, but then again there are Portuguese unions and taxes to prevent things like that from happening).

With regards,


Alan Smillie said...

Hi Joao,

Thanks for your comment.

The car/passenger ferries are being built in Norway but as far as i know the Catamaran ferries are being built at Estaleiros Navais de Peniche SA (ENP). i will try and post a link with more info on these ferries at
"New Ferries for "Setúbal - Troia" link."

Kind Regards, Alan.